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Capelli Fai Da Te : To treat your own hair at home with the do-it-yourself method there are many solutions: many natural substances that we have at home for example are useful to take care of our hair do-it-yourselfer. If you have at home of Chamomile sar à great to lighten the hair after shampooing, another method to treat DIY hair involves making a wrap after shampooing with a mixture of olive oil, honey and yogurt. BREW è funds used instead for a quick tintuta do it yourself, and vinegar to degrease the Crown. There are many hairstyles that allow styling hair makes it yourself: simple Ponytails, chignons and tresses are suitable for everyone and guarantee ordered results and very fashionable.

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Capelli Fai Da Te - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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15 Jul 19

Ingrandisci, guarda e scopri
la Classifica dei
i Migliori Parrucchieri d'Italia

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15 Jul 19

GLOBElife.TV ti svela il SUCCESSO di
a Milano e a Bologna

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15 Jul 19
Anne Veck

Collection: Mirror Maze
Ph: Magic Owen
Make-up: Coco Hirani
Make-up Assistant: Naomi Lake
Stylist: Sue Fyfe Williams


12 Jul 19
affari negativi

Non è un MOMENTO FACILE per gli affari, ma ...

... chi ha SMESSO o DIMINUITO di fare pubblicità ...


12 Jul 19

The #MYTREASURE collection is inspired by the Z generation, recreating urban characters from different cultural backgrounds by prioritizing the image they convey through their profile on social networks.

Collection: #mytreasure
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Hairkrone
Stylist: Visori FashionArt


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